There`s no doubt that working in the studio with the new Madrugada songs has been therapeutic for Sivert and me, says bass-player Frode Jacobsen in connection with the fact that he and singer Sivert Hoyem have decided to stick with the original schedule, set before guitarist Robert Burås tragic death, for the recording of their new album.

We´re really glad that we have these recordings, fourteen songs where Robert plays a major part. By continuing the work according to our plan, our ideas are still fresh, the vision the three of us had for this record still feels alive . If we had put it aside for a year, I´m sure we would have ended up with a completely different record. We would probably have been alot more apprehensive in our approach. The material on the new album was developed among the band members in the three years that have passed since their last studio album, The Deep End,  recorded in Los Angeles in the fall of 2004.

Madrugada began work on their new album in New York in May with the producer/engineer John Agnello. Agnello mixed Madrugada`s debut album Industrial Silence (1999) and he was involved as a producer for the follow-up, The Nightly Disease (2001). He also mixed Robert Buras`s band My Midnight Creeps second album, the very well received Histamin (2007). In other words; He is the external creative force that has had the most influence on Madrugada`s artistic development.

Earlier this fall, Agnello worked with the band in Svenska Grammofon Studio ( Run by Kalle Gustavson, bass-player from leading Swedish rock band, Soundtrack Of Our Lives).
In November, Madrugada and Agnello met back in the US to finish and mix the album in the two studios, Magic Shop (Manhattan) and Water Music ( Hoboken, New Jersey). We were really happy with the first sessions we had in New York in May. The  foundation for the whole record was done at that time.


On one very special day, the three of us experienced something that was both magical and to us, very unusual.We recorded five songs in a row, normally it takes at least a couple of days to get one song down on tape.

Vital to making this Madrugada album both the best and the most important ever, is the list of merited musicians and friends the trio has involved; Madrugadas drummer from the last two albums, Erland Dahlen, The American guitarist Kid Congo Powers ( The Bad Seeds, The Cramps, Gun Club), who also played on the big selling live album ” Live at Trafalmadore” (2005), the guitarist Emil Nicolaisen (Serena Manesh), the American pedal steel-players Eric Heywood (Son Volt, The Jayhawks, Joe Henry) and David Mansfield ( Bob Dylan, Alpha Band). Adding vocals are Norwegian singers Ane Brun, who was the duet partner on the mega hit ”Lift me” in 05 and Ingrid Olava. A first on this album is a song where Robert sings lead vocal. Even though he sang with his own band, My Midnight Creeps, he was always reluctant to sing with Madrugada.

I´m really happy that we managed to persuade him, concludes Frode Jacobsen.